lundi 21 mars 2011

Heaven on Earth!

Is there something special or new to talk about?...Guess not, ow wait....I could talk about anything or rather type anything since, people who know me would surely describe my temper as a F*****' "talking machine". But I will make it short & lay down a few thoughts I got about this little town I visited not long ago....Yeah I'm talking about Luxembourg...ho ho ho. Well... I have to say, this State (city) is full of colours, shallow streets & connected people, so full of energy and shows great environement. We can find old cohesive architectures (not that we care) mixed with gorgeous gardens and yellow houses (really!). One would think, this little place looks like a paradise on Earth, but the downside of this fairy-tale takes the grab when some hidden thoughts elucidate the real issue behind the beauty of the curtain . Bankers.Money.Capital.Market. ... Is this the only reason why the city is so well preserved? We can also take a look at Zürich (beautul city), same symptoms. It feels like a dream town drawned by the ex-aristochracy which now has been replaced by a new range of "market-type" people. Rich cities who can count on their financial ressources to make a better place for those who can afford it.

Beautiful how the world works... as long as you haven't had the chance to be born in the right side, you can't taste the flavours of life, you can just watch them, just like I watch this city of Luxembourg, full of accessible treasures, which are restricted.

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