dimanche 5 février 2012

Holy She#t!

My photos & images  have all been removed due to a simple account managing mistake :/! They were deleted from Picasa, not on purpose of course. I didn't know those photos from Picasa I had, were directly linked with the blog. My intention was to remove a few of them, but suddenly they all disappeared (strange face).

Anyways, I hadn't been posting articles for ages, so it's not that bad starting all over again...(sight). There is no much reason for not posting any articles lately as there is for living, so don't get mad on that. Plus, there is not such a huge audience up to now...it is growing, but still. (5000+ visits) 

I made a new header (the head of the script page) which is an old photo of mine combined with some awesome typography, but I will still work on it later on, not sure about resizing it. I may change the layout of the blog...I only hope that scripting the page doesn't last for ever like when I did it for the first time :/.

A lot has happened since the last post, but I will do a little summary later after a few topics. So I hope new Sh#t will come out soon! ; )

Check out the author of this wallpaper here.
I did do the typo on Photoshop, you won't find it there,just click on the image