jeudi 14 avril 2011

Bruges 2011 - Vlog #1

Monday morning I woke up listening to the radio, they were saying "Today is the last day the sun is keeping up!". It is hard to have multiple sunny days in a row here in Belgium, we are used to it so it doesn't bother us anymore, but for each occasions the sun shows up, we feel like that day has not to be wasted! I had planned a day in Bruges with some of my friends but most of them were busy this monday, so we had to postpone that trip...but waking up with a beautiful and sunny day while being in holiday and doing nothing but go waste some time in the center, it's the best way to lose a day doing nothing spetial. So I said to myself "what the hell :-/, let's go to Bruges anyway"...I didn't have enough time to shave my beard (went american style baby!), neither cut my hair, just that you know how unexpected this trip was. I took my brother, since he was doing nothing & we took the direction of Liège Guillemins to buy us some tickets for Bruges.

We took the train @ 14:00 (yeah ... I didn't wake up quite early actually) and were there @ about 16:00. The sun was shining and the trip happened to be quite pleasing! We came back @ 22:00!

Here is a video showing the unexpected:

Notice that it's the first time I'm doing a Vlog. The term "to vlog", comes from Video Blog, it has been on since youtubers have made it popular (go watch the Vlogbrothers, the first ones to do it). Unless you are used doing Vlogs, you will notice many people noticing you noticing them, noticing you speaking by yourself to a camera (here, all has been done with a cell-phone:/), and it will feel awkward... but who the Fu** cares :)? This clip that I made was inspired by MaestroKnows ->

NB: there is a sound problem in the beginning, but don't mind it because it will fade away.
The video is in
French, subtitles may come out soon.