samedi 23 avril 2011

Early In The Morning

Sorry, sorry, sorry... I know I'm posting a bit early in the morning, but I just came out from what the americans call a journey or the british an adventure...well not so "adventural" after all but quite a busy night. I know that you don't care after all because time is not affecting you while you are reading this depending on the hour you are reading it, but I put it anyways just for that the future me can say "Oh yeah I remember that shitty night I came early". Not the same night I came back early in the morning being unaware of the surprises of the future to find out that my brother who appeared to be in my appartment had fallen asleep and locked the outside door up, leaving me to unforgetable trubles....but that's another my future me will remember 2 stories on a single article, you saw how I did that! Amazing(ly poor) I know, right :D!

Well, wanting to write an article is a thing, but finding out the words to fit in it, is another. I have to say though, this week has been a cool week of traveling. First I went to Bruges (see the video below), then I went to Köln (Cologne)/(the video is being edited...haven't had much time to put an end to it yet) and also Luxembourg...I did all these places within 4 days, it's not that impressive you would say but it is crazy indeed when you think that people come from faaaar faaar away to visit one of these 3 places I just mentioned. It's just that we have the chance of being close and able to visit them, and I think this chance should be taken and not thrown away like garbadge.

There are so many places I would like to visit... : L.A. , N.Y., Queenstown, Barcelona, Rio, Buenos Aires, Theth,... "Error! List too long to script in html". I hope that future is planing out a few of these destinations for me :), come on future, you can do it.

Here's a Levi's Stop-Motion commercial video made by Conscious Minds Production (you will barely notice this is a commercial due to its artistic aspect) showing How Eazy It Is To Travel Around The States Just By Walking Accross The Whole Country.